Hi, in this tutorial I will teach you how to draw a star in flash.

Ok, first thing to do is open a new flash document, any dimensions (width + height), any fps, any colour.

Now in your sidebar select the rectangle tool, that will give you a rectangle but for a star, click and drag your mouse button over the rectangle tool button, you will get this:
click and drag
Select the polystar tool.

Now in the the properties panel at the bottom you will see this:
star properties
Click the options button
it will come up with a box like this:
options box

Click on the dropdown box and change “polygon” to “star”. Change the number of sides to 5 and change the point size to 0.50.

That will give you a regular star.

If you want to make a star like a twinkle, change the number of sides to 16 and the point size to 0.10.

Thanks for reading,